Sometime in the next week this incarnation of Hoyden About Town will see its 10,000th comment since moving here from blogspot in September 2006.

(Those interested can see the number of a comment by hovering their mouse over the datestamp – the permalink URL will show in the bottom-left bar of your browser window).

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  1. This is a gratuitous comment to skew your stats!

  2. How unexpected and entirely not what this post is all about.

    Damn, my eye seems to be stuck in wink mode.

  3. Wow, anyone who stays up late enough can be ‘frist’ on LP, but there is only one 10 000 comment!

  4. There’s just something about the zeroes lining up, isn’t there?
    So, apropos of filling up the thread, Mindy: how about explaining the interrelations and permutations of the For Battle! mob? I figured out a few siblings etc, but apart from the SCA how did you mob all end up blogging together?

  5. Damn, my eye seems to be stuck in wink mode.

    Did you know there’s a techy term for that? Myoclonus. I seem to have a case of it, too.

  6. But is there such a thing as a metaphorical myoclonus, which was what I was really describing?
    Actually, metaphorical myoclonus is a supercalifragilistic piece of alliterative sesquipedalianism. I must make a note for the next time I want to baffle someone with bullshit.

  7. “Metaclonus” does it for me. Myophorical metaclonus, if you like.

  8. Now that’s just showing off 🙂

  9. Oh dear, I said that like it was a bad thing.

  10. Well it was pretty much the SCA that got us all started. Okay.
    Anti-Ob and Cozacoatl are married. Amanda is Coz’s sister.
    I know Ob and Coz thru the SCA.
    Harry and Pipplicious are brother and sister. harry is also from the SCA.
    Destrucomeg was a flatmate/then girlfriend/ now good friend of harry’s. Her partner is Mr Snerg.
    DV is an SCA person and married to a long standing friend and very clever person who does lots of cunning things.
    Mousicles and Mr Tops are a partnership and both long standing SCA people.
    Worldpeace_and_aspeedboat is also an SCA person.
    Stig is a SCA person.
    LMH is a friend of hubby’s from school days, former flatmate harry’s and also into the SCA.
    So we except for a couple of exceptions we all met through the SCA. Destructomeg was quickly sucked into the SCA after meeting us.

  11. Of course all of the above people have lots more to their lives than the SCA.

  12. Suuuurrrrre you do 🙂
    I just realised: that’s why “For Battle!”, isn’t it? because of the battling wot SCA does.
    It’s one of those bubbling maybe-one-day ideas for me, the idea of playing with SCA a bit. I never came across an actual group here in Oz when I first started reading about it in fan-mags etc from OS. And getting away to play gets a lot more involved when you add packing up the kids/spouse accoutrements into the mix. Who’d be a grown-up, eh?

  13. Well in Syndey there you are right in the middle of one of the biggest groups on Australia (or Lochac if you prefer). There is quite often a feast or something going on which is a lot easier to go to than an event, or you could try a one day event like a tourney (people hitting each other with rattan swords while everyone else looks on). For the really hardcore there is Rowany Festival at Easter which can involve camping, camp fires, as little showering as you wish cause after all it’s period not to bathe (shudder! believe me some people take this too far). Festival next year will be held just near Gosford so not too bad a drive for Sydneyites.

  14. The Rowany Festival might be a hard sell for mr tog, following the Great Camping Trip That Shall Never, Ever Be Spoken Of Again of ’02. Shame, because I loved the bunny-ballista shots that someone took this year.
    I’ll have to hassle Harry about tagging along to a feast or something.

  15. I’m a bit out of the loop down here, but if I hear of something I will let you know.

  16. Appreciated, Mindy. Now, this comment should be #9991. So close!
    So whaddayareckon of the latest Robin Hood on Auntie? Have you been watching it?

  17. No I watched part of the first episode and just couldn’t get into it. Robin Hood isn’t really my thing though. Kevin Bloody Costner really ruined it for me and since then, with the exception of Men In Tights, I haven’t been able to get back into it. I really love a bonnet drama though. Even if I’ve seen it before, several times.

  18. Ohhh, last comment was 10005! So who is the lucky commenter?

  19. As you saw on the s/he ratio post, it was Pavlov’s Cat. Hurrah!
    I realised though that the gap between comment numbers 9991 and 10000 was caused by 8 comments in the spaminator, so my jubilation is somewhat dampened. I knew that there was something fishy because the database tells me there’s fewer than 2000 comments retained on the blog, but I knew I’d had to delete lots of rubbish before I got my spaminator system fine-tuned. Then of course there’s the trollstuff and abuse that gets deleted from the mod-queue (not much of that lately, thank goodness).
    Thankfully, with my latest spaminator setting I don’t even see 3/4 of the spam, and it doesn’t get assigned a comment number, if it’s on a post more than 30 days old. Akismet reckons it’s caught nearly 30000 spam comments.
    Regarding Robin Hood, I’ve been watching but I think they’re trying too hard to be hip. I’m with you on the bonnet dramas.

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