Day: 2007-11-06

LP in exile

Larvatus Prodeo now has a back-up blog, set up to allow comments while the main blog is being drowned in spam (and thus has had the comments turned off). Head on over, LarvyProdders! LP should be migrating to a new… Read More ›

Timing is everything

The Greens candidate for a Senate seat for the ACT, Kerrie Tucker, turned a late train to her advantage, (she had meant to have her announcement and the train’s arrival coincide), emphasising how the delay supported the Greens argument for… Read More ›

This time last year

On Larvatus Prodeo last year, and crossposted at Hoyden, I posted a short few lines on how I don’t bother to turn the telly on to watch the Melbourne Cup. If I was still working in an office, I’d enjoy… Read More ›