Day: 2007-11-22

3 PMs with a single target

The Age today features op-eds from 3 former PMs – Malcolm Fraser (1975-83), Bob Hawke (1983-91), and Paul Keating (1991-96). Fraser can’t quite bring himself to advocate voting for Labor, but he is certainly highly critical of Howard and his… Read More ›

Confused by the Senate stuff?

Some excellent work: GetUp’s simple guide to Senate preference flows. It’s worth digging around the GetUp site for their various election guides – they have heaps of material looking at single issues, big pictures, voting records and more. I imagine… Read More ›

Opportunities squandered

JOHN Howard squandered the benefits of the $80 billion-a-year resources boom and wanted to be re-elected so he could retire, Labor leader Kevin Rudd said yesterday. Defining the choice facing voters in one of his last major speeches of the… Read More ›