Day: 2007-11-25


Courtesy of baroquestar and middle_marker, this LOLVoVo call-and-response: Background: if you missed Rudd’s victory speech: he addressed his frontbench thus: “We’re ready for hard work. We’re ready for the long haul. You can have a strong cup of tea if… Read More ›

Choking on Costello

Choking on Costello John Howard: [visibly tense, eyes swivelling] “The Liberal Party of course will need to choose a new leader. I wish that person whoever it is and I’ve indicated very clearly from my earlier remarks who I believe… Read More ›

Welcome Rudd and Gillard.

There was champagne, there was whooping, there were tuneless chants of “Cheerio, cheerio, cheerio!” I’d like to issue a hearty welcome to Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard. For overseas Hoyden readers, Julia Gillard is the first woman to become Australia’s… Read More ›