3 PMs with a single target

The Age today features op-eds from 3 former PMs – Malcolm Fraser (1975-83), Bob Hawke (1983-91), and Paul Keating (1991-96). Fraser can’t quite bring himself to advocate voting for Labor, but he is certainly highly critical of Howard and his Cabinet for their failings. All three are worth reading.

Australia has lost its moral compass under Howard’s rule
If the Prime Minister cannot be believed, who in the system is to be believed?

The PM continues to misrepresent the truth. He must go
Three big lies from Howard rebutted – union bogeymen, economic management and foreign policy and security.

Voting to restore the decent values Australia once held dear
Crucial issues relating to the rule of law have not been discussed.

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  1. It’s probably worth mentioning that John Howard got his political start as Treasurer to Malcolm Fraser – and even though I wasn’t at voting age during the Fraser PMship, I can remember the two of them being in much the same relationship as the Howard and Costello one – wary distrust.

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