Homosexual panic moment du jour

I caught this on Canadian Idol. Sebastian Pigott is the performer, Zack Werner the judge. (Pigott’s performance is here, if you’d like to see it.)

Transcript (but the real moment is in the facial expression):

Zack: “Well, you know, in the spirit of Pride Week which has just ended here, and um, and one hetero guy to – I, I don’t know, but I purport” [gestures to Sebastian]

Sebastian: [deadly serious face] “Unquestionably.”

Zack: “Yah. One hetero guy to another, man, that even turned me on.” [grin]

Sebastian: [blank, horrified expression] [turns away and forces a smile] “I dunno how to take that, but thankyou.”

Jake Gold (next judge in line): “That’s a little dangerous… um …”

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  1. Hehehe. I thought he hid his homophobia pretty well, better than my other half. Despite academically not having a problem with it, my hubby winces whenever my son shows anything other than strict hetero leanings, or even worse, when I told kiddo that “sometimes boys marry other boys”. I guess that’s why they call it a phobia…

  2. OH NOES, a man proferred an assessment of another man’s potential sexual attractiveness! HOW GAY!
    If anyone needs me, I’ll be blogging angrily.

  3. I don’t know, I think that’s a little over the line. I’m a straight woman, and if a judge of a singing contest told me my act turned him on, I’d be massively creeped out.

  4. Mark Holden used to have a good line in creeping contestants out, both male and female. I wonder who they will replace him with?

  5. Dude was totally frotting his guitar!

  6. Mark Holden used to have a good line in creeping contestants out, both male and female.

    I don’t seem to remember him crossing the line, unlike Kyle Sandilands, who suggested to a schoolboy that they should be “gay lovers” from now on. That’s very different to this shot, where a judge is talking about how he felt during the song, to an adult seasoned performer.


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