If I’d known they were coming I’d have closed the gates

So, is your house shown on Google Maps Streetview?

What about the directions to get to your place? Adequate, or rubbish? And did they have a clean lens round your way?

Inquiring minds etc.

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  1. They have my street named wrong, and my street number incorrectly placed at a different house down the block. Also, all the other houses on the street have wrong numbers.

  2. Yikes! Not only my house, but my car as well, and you can almost read the numberplate! But for directions I’d strongly recommend Whereis,com if you want to avoid driving through a couple of bollards and a little park where there used to be a street about 10 years ago.
    Jonathan Shaws last blog post..Busy busy

  3. None of the map services have ever got my building location correct. The streetview cameras did a nice job of covering how to actually get to my building, though, once I give people the correct directions.

  4. there is shocking lens flare around our Alice Springs place, so while you can see our house, you can’t really make out much at all. Our Perth place is a bit better – includes all our cars, including the one that was junked at the beginning of the year.
    The directions also seem sensible, but they are easy places to get to.

  5. The main thing that struck me about looking at my parents’ old place is (a) how bare it looks without the native trees the new owners chopped down (b) how ridiculous the palm tree looks that they brought in (c) just how gorgeous the weather is up there… the pictures were taken on a beautiful clear North Coast day (NSW). God I miss the weather there.

  6. Thanks for showing this handy little tool off! I live in London so didn’t know it existed and have now spent a couple of exciting/homesick hours cruising the streets of my home town Adelaide.
    All shots were taken on clear, sunny, beautiful days and the FOUR panoramic shots of my parent’s house looked fantastic! (it’s quite the wide house..)
    I love it – Google for PM!
    PS could the dick who parked his van in front of my old house not have moved it just the once?!

  7. My place is there, but a bit fuzzy: you can’t see the massive cracks in the render all over the building. Interesting that my parents’ place in suburban Sydney was not there, but my grandparents’ place in a medium-sized town on the mid-North coast of NSW was.

  8. This is freaky but the goddess of privacy must have been smiling on me. When the photo was taken a large vehicle was illegally angled on the road, in front of my house. It was also before the tree in the front yard was pruned. So house, car and any identifiers have been wonderfully obscured.
    But it seems, Big Brother really is watching after all.
    another outspoken females last blog post..thrift

  9. My current place in Canberra is there (from multiple angles, being on a corner), but my parent’s place in surburban Melbourne is not mapped, nor are any of the streets nearby.
    I guess they’re still working on it 🙂

  10. My front garden is full of shrubs and small trees precisely to give us a privacy screen from the street – worked quite well really.
    They did get a shot of our car, but the numberplate seems to be obscured. Some of our neighbours’ cars don’t seem to have their plates obscured all that effectively.

  11. I’m like Laurie, on a corner. It looks fine, albeit a bit dry, obviously taken a few months ago in droughty splendour. I bet my neighbours are pissed off, though. They just spent squillions on landscaping their front garden (making us look by comparison like white trash, heh), and their google image is of the razed bare dirt before all the work! [chortle]

  12. The SMH, while bemoaning the risks that Google has taken with privacy, has published the net-handle of someone from an unaffiliated forum who’s worried that his current girlfriend is going to see his car parked outside his ex-girlfriend’s house on Streetview after he told her that he was never there. Tough luck if she knows that net-handle and hears about it, eh?
    Slight problem with consistency there, SMH.

  13. Yup.
    The house, the car I no longer drive, the bins out the front.
    I went and had a gander at my sister’s house which I have never visited, saw all the old houses I used to live in, and snooped around at my parents’ place too.
    Kind of creepy, but kind of amazing, too.

  14. Holy Crapola, you can see our car. This does not give me a happy feeling, no sirreee. The thought that someone came and took a photo of my house while I was home is making me feel ill, and vulnerable, and ill.
    Emmas last blog post..Argentina’s Illegal Abortions

  15. I live in a townhouse that doesn’t face the road, so you can’t see my place, although you can see other townhouses in the same complex. You can also get a very good view of my parents’ house– a very recent view too. I can tell because their very new shed is up in the picture.

  16. It’s true, my mother does drive a ute. It’s parked in her carport.

  17. My house doesn’t show up on the map right, and the directions are wrong…but if I put in the intersection of streets, I can see my house (it’s the second one from the corner).

  18. They came on bin day and you can tell that I don’t own a whippersnipper- one of the most frustratingly ineffective devices every invented; basically a device for shredding bits of plastic line while lightly crushing nearby vegetation.

  19. Yep. I plug in the address and I get a picture of my front door. I don’t know if the directions are just right though — I just moved across the country to this place.

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