Month: October 2008

It’s nearly debate time

The second presidential debate starts in a bit over an hour (12:00pm AESummerT). Who’s planning to watch/liveblog/tweet it? Are we expecting anything new compared to last time? Addit: This debate is apparently a little different – “town hall style” –… Read More ›

“What do the gorgons represent?”

Today’s school holidays lazyblogging draws on our referrer logs. I’ve edited out those without both hands on the keyboard, which leaves very little, percentage-wise. Here’s a sampling of search terms used by this week’s googlers. very fantastic hairy women with… Read More ›

Virtual Travelling: baby love

This week’s photo sent me travelling back in time: How well I remember that utter fascination with those tiny limbs and their perfection, the wonder that this gorgeous new person had come from our flesh. It’s just as well that… Read More ›