In July I thought “make sure you don’t forget the blogiversary this year”

So what did I do?

3rd blogiversary

Here’s My first post (back at the original blogspot digs), and my second, which reveals what impelled me to begin blogging at all – the ineptitude and negligence surrounding the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

Thank you to all the readers/commentors who have joined with me (and with Lauredhel since March 2007) to make Hoyden About Town an online community (not just a ranting place for two Aussie sheilas). You are what keeps us coming back to post again.

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  1. Frist! 🙂
    Happy Blogiversary Tigtog – and Lauredhel, although I know Lauredhel came a bit later – and can I have some of that cake?

  2. You are what keeps us coming back to post again.

    Quoted For Truth!

  3. I want some cake too!
    Three and a bit years – fantastic. Congratulations!
    Of late, when I’ve not had much time, I’ve had to cut my blog reading down a bit. So I have become very selective about what I do and don’t read. I always, always, always find time to come and spend some time here.
    Tigtog and Lauredhel, thank you so much for your wonderful blogging.

  4. Just noted that the “Similar Articles” thingy tells me I did almost exactly the same thing last year.
    Oh well.

  5. Happy blogiversary! Mine is today — three years also — and I only remembered by chance when I looked at the date.
    How interesting that you too should have been moved to begin your own blog by the drama and horrors of Katrina — that was one of the first things I blogged about too, after following the stunning Operation Eden for a couple of weeks.
    Thanks for keeping up and hosting this great site. This is where I mainly come these days to keep my feminism chops up to date.

  6. Well this way you have a spring birthday. Sproing! – when kid hoydens gambol joyfully on dewy minitramps and gaily cast off their lycra raiment (SPF 50+), astonishing innocent beachgoers with their lightening-fast but sadly all too obvious nuddy runs. *sigh*.
    Happy blogiversary, Hoydens!

  7. Happy blogiversary, Hoydens! I know I haven’t been around for long, but I love the combination of topics and the level of discourse here. It’s great.

  8. This is where I mainly come these days to keep my feminism chops up to date.
    Also, for the stroppy.
    Thanks, Hoydens. I love it here.

  9. Damn that is some fine-looking cake. Congratulations Hoydens!

  10. Yay! Like Deborah, I often have to limit the number of blogs I read– and this one is always on the core list that gets checked every day (well, several times a day, actually).
    I love this place. 🙂
    (And I want some of that cake too– it looks criminally delicious!)

  11. Happy Birthday – keep up the good work.
    We need more ranty Sheilas on the net, it begins to cancel out the barrage of misinformation from the patriarchy and their female followers.
    another outspoken females last blog post..604 – a serious post

  12. Happy blogiversary, Hoydens! You ain’t half bad for dirty Aussies. 😛

  13. Well Happy Belated anniversary.
    Renees last blog post..C Is For Cookie

  14. Happy blogiversary!

  15. Happy birthday Hoydens!

  16. Happy belated blogiversary! I never notice my blog’s anniversary date in a timely fashion either.
    mimbless last blog post..Beorg-wic loot

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