It’s nearly debate time

The second presidential debate starts in a bit over an hour (12:00pm AESummerT). Who’s planning to watch/liveblog/tweet it? Are we expecting anything new compared to last time?

Addit: This debate is apparently a little different – “town hall style” – which means that the questions will come from the live audience and from questions submitted over the internet over recent weeks. (NYT article). I suspect that this format will strongly favour Obama’s style of engaging with audiences over McCain’s rather stiffer style. For those who’ve been paying attention to the debates for several electoral cycles, do these town hall style events tend to be viewed as more revealing of the “real” candidates, or as more exercises in populism without the strong direction of the moderator (I know Tom Brokaw is moderating, but he won’t be asking his own questions)?

Update: live streaming video! (via ustream)

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  1. I’m at w*** but I’ll keep an eye on it.
    As long as McCain squawks like The Pneguin at least once, I’ll be happy.

  2. So is there a link so I can watch it? I am not sure this debate will come up on the stream I usually use.

  3. It’s live on our ABC, it will also be on CNN and C-span and Fox etc etc – presumably some of those have streaming?

  4. Ok, ustream has it: I’ll embed it in the post.

  5. McCain working it. He’s good at these.

  6. Also, I don’t care but I just LOVE southern accents. More audience questions please!

  7. “Obama and his cronies” — yoiks.
    Live blogging at Pandagon is funny.

  8. Link to the Pandagon Liveblogging – that’s rather a neat little widget, isn’t it?

  9. Barry is warming up. McCain waffled a bit on the last economic question. Still trying to salvage that “economic fundamentals are strong” snafu.

  10. The men and women uncommitted Ohio voter worm are flatlining on this whole McCain thing about being a reformer. Maybe the gadgets are broken? That or his shtick is.

  11. Argh – cutting government spending in a recession? McCain obviously missed Keynes 101!

  12. Suprise! Barry is the one to first mention 9/11.

  13. Barry the crypto-muslin quotes the Bible, KJV no less. Win.

  14. Ha. “that will reduce “medical errors”, as they call them” What else would you call them?

  15. Yes – without federally mandated standards the health insurance companies will all just go to the least regulated state! You tell ‘em, Barry!

  16. Barry is ROCKING this health care q. He’s in the groove of this now.
    Brave of him to being up Delaware and credit card shonks though, given Joey B’s rep as the Senator for MBNA.

  17. Hey, so did John McCain just call Osama bin Laden a freedom fighter?

  18. Not liveblogging but I’m taping it as we type, as I just got in about ten minutes ago. Hope things are going well.

  19. Yeah. This won’t change anything.

  20. The ending was the best bit (and you’re in the way of my script there now!)

  21. OK, off out to lunch – seeya!

  22. So who would you say won?

  23. Via Jesse Taylor at Pandagon: They Hated Obama Less

    CBS News: Obama wins 39-27%. Slightly closer than the 40-22% result from last time.
    CNN has it 54-30%. It was 51-38% last time.

  24. Yeah, Barry won. Even the d00dz at The Corner can’t really bring themselves to rah rah too much. No orgasmic starbursts for them tonight, poor pets. ;-( Although the Fox News poll had 86% saying McCain won. Lol.
    Just a word on the “not shaking hands thing” I’ve seen a few places. They *did* shake hands — cordially I assume, as at the beginning — but it was off camera, when Brokaw had to tell them to get out of the way of his prompter. So the video floating round of Obama only shaking Cindy’s hand is not a McCain snub.

  25. My morning politics linkage.
    Donna Brazile, fmr campaign director (Gore, I believe) and CNN talking head talking about race.
    The Bide is back on the trail! And I’m SO GLAD his instructions are to push the hell back at the shit Palin’s been whippping up. He did all three breakfast shows in the US and really got at them for their dangerous incitement. Also, he laughed at his hair so McCain can take the stupid hair plugs joke off the table. Check, and mate. On the Early Show.
    Both of those are videos, Kos has a cross section of the Biden comments. The Tampa speech vid there is good too.

  26. MSM (CBS, Yahoo!) here has Obama winning because McCain didn’t pull a rabbit out of a hat, though everyone was disappointed there weren’t any real zingers.
    And I…still haven’t had time to watch. Tonight. Really.

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