Whoydensday: what are you doing here?

The work this must have taken! Forty-five years of Doctor Who summed up by one phrase.

This was a birthday present I made for my friend’s 40th in 2005.

We have a long-running in-joke about the phrase “What are you doing here?” cropping up everywhere in TV shows. As we also both like Doctor Who, doing this seemed like a good idea.

The original (which went to the end of Eccleston) took seven months to make – Six to watch all the episodes and one to edit it together. I’ve since updated it to the end of the 2008 series.


Kudos and gratitude to Andrew Liddell for such a comprehensive effort.

Now, as Zoe informed us earlier:

In happier news, SBS is showing an episode of “Who do you think you are?” on David Tennant on Sunday at 7:30. Just in case anyone’s interested.

A trailer of the episode will be available through the SBS website after the broadcast on October 12th.

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4 replies

  1. The oglingfest DT Who Do You Think You Are? ep is quite good. Deals with Northern Ireland actually.

  2. Interesting. My own Scots ancestry comes via the Northern Ireland Scottish counties too.

  3. For some reason every time a Dalek said it I burst out laughing 🙂
    mimbless last blog post..Beorg-wic loot

  4. Daleks really are hilarious, aren’t they? 🙂

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