Month: August 2009

Classic Action: Blue Thunder (1983) – He’s Out There

I had the chance to catch up on this classic action flick this week, so I was able to tick another off my list of ’80s Films that I Inexplicably Missed. (I have confessed to my weakness for cheezy shoot-em-up movies before, but newer readers might not be aware) It also had Malcolm McDowell as the baddie, and I do so enjoy a film where Malcolm flares his nostrils and bugs his eyes while saying outrageously repulsive things and ends up dying spectacularly (not going to include a spoiler warning for that, that was his sole function in 80s American cinema, so it was never a total surprise).

Virtual travelling: Windy, isn’t it?

Last week it was Melbourne, I think Perth got blustery the week before, this week it’s Sydney. The photo below was taken by a Washington State photographer a few years ago, it was just the most appropriate shot I found in a quick image search.

Caption contest

This picture of baby baboons from Zooborns is just begging for a caption competition. Same situation as for Thursday Cheezburger – post a link to your captioned picture, and wait for image magic to make it appear. You can use… Read More ›

Double Standard?

In other news, apparently Australia is done for now that we’ve lost the Ashes, were beaten by the All Blacks in [proper] rugby, and our Miss Australia came fourth in the Miss Universe contest. Can things get any worse?

On swallowing shit

I’ve been thinking and thinking and thinking about Melissa’s post “The Terrible Bargain We Have Regretfully Struck“, turning it over in my mind. The subsequent spinoff threads are mostly about relationships and fatness and such, so I’m going to place… Read More ›