Month: August 2009

Ten Steps to a Perfect Fanstorm

1. Gender-evpsych/cogsci researcher and game show contestant Ogi Ogas decides to prove that men’s and women’s desire is hardwired differently, using his Boston Uni credentials to gather material for a book which he’s going to call Rule 34: What Netporn… Read More ›

Weekend Wibble: Logos

Have I mentioned before how amused I am that our local ambulances are adorned with three blips and a flatline? So have at it in-thread. Amusing/inappropriate/apropos logos ahoy!

A glimpse into my head

Chally’s been playing with Wordies. I had a bit of a play, and thought I’d give you a quick peek into my Unfinished Drafts & Rough Ideas folder. Click through for a larger version, and feel free to post Wordies… Read More ›

Playing with editing comments

Please, everyone – just post a short comment below and then see if you can edit it to add something and have it update properly. I just want to check that this is working for everyone, not just for admins.

Otterday! And Open Thread.

For no particular reason, today is meerkatday instead of otterday. Three baby meerkats were recently born at the Belfast Zoo. [Via.] Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening… Read More ›