Month: March 2010

Women on trial

The Northern Star today has an article about a man who is being tried on “five counts of having sex with a minor; and seven counts of indecent assault”. The woman laying the complaints was 15 when she was first… Read More ›

Rudd v. Abbott at the Press Club

Knowing the opponents as we do, I’m predicting that Abbott will probably have more zinger soundbites and that Rudd will have more grasp of the figures and keep on bring it back to Abbott’s lack of any comprehensive policy at all.

It’s machismo time!

Regular readers know that I have a weakness for escapist action flicks, and the more absurdly preposterous the martial arts combat scenes the better. (I like to see them make an effort towards stylistic authenticity, but bring on those flywires and hidden tramps, yeah!)

Two potentially great ones are coming up very soon (released in the US in May):

Yep, very helpful

While I have been taking the pics, cropping them in Photoshop and composing this post, that paw has varied in position from pointing to 2 o’clock to pointing to 5 o’clock.

Happy Vernal Equinox

APOD put up a fantastic picture to mark this stage in the planet’s journey around the Sun. Recorded on March 10 from Teide National Park on the island of Tenerife, the vista is composed of 4 separate pictures spanning over 180 degrees. (Image Credit & Copyright: Daniel López)