TAS & SA Elections – March 22, 2010

Special State Election roundup!

Items of interest found recently in my RSS feed. What did I miss? Please share what you've been reading (and writing!) in the comments.

  • Family First slams Labor's dirty tricks
  • – “Family First’s Robert Brokenshire said the cards were a “deliberate and blatant” attempt to solicit Family First votes to Labor when there was no preference arrangement. “One of our volunteers saw a guy actually take our posters and put them around where he was handing them out to imply that he was definitely with us,” he said.”

  • Tasmania in limbo after cliffhanger poll
  • – The Tasmanian ALP could easily form a govt with the Greens, but they have pledged that they will not do so.

  • Libs back from the dead
  • – The Poison Dwarf spends much of this column comparing Rann V. Redmond to Rudd v. Abbott and concluding Rann defeating Redmond means that Abbott will win … ???

  • The petulance of the entitled
  • – “I will sit in the corner with my 40% of members of parliament and sulk. We will snipe at anything the new government tries to do. We will not participate. We will act like spoilt children who have not got their way. We will do nothing to advocate for our voters or their interests.

    And then, when our constant sabotaging causes real problems for the other two minority parties that are trying to govern, as we were all elected to do, we will cry to the Tasmanian people “told you so!” and demand that they give us majority control again. Because we are entitled to it.”

  • Libs win elections in second place
  • – “After the two weekend state elections, it’s likely that two Labor governments will be (re-)formed: a majority government in SA and a minority government in Tasmania with Greens support (unless the Greens flip to supporting the Libs).

    Not that you’d know it from today’s headlines…”

  • SA Election – Skew not skewered
  • – “Why this happened can only be partially explained by Bruce Hawker’s resource allocation of Labor campaign spending. Labor focused most of their resources into retaining marginal seats including the political messages tailored to those marginals, letting the really safe seats take the full blow of the swing running against them, knowing that their margins were large enough to withstand such a swing. The point of an election is to win seats, not margins.”

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