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cat lying across top of computer monitor with paw drooping down over screen

She's just pointing out a typo

While I have been taking the pics, cropping them in Photoshop and composing this post, that paw has varied in position from pointing to 2 o’clock to pointing to 5 o’clock. It’s been like watching slow motion semaphore, without the windy moors.

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  1. This is what I’m looking for in a Monday morning post, even if it’s Monday afternoon when I’m reading it. Nothing like laughing at someone else’s (very cute) frustration to improve the day. 🙂

    • She has now turned around so that only her tail is hanging down. Luckily that hangs at a full 6 o’clock and is all the way over to the left of the monitor, so it’s somewhat easier to deal with (until she turns around again).

  2. [because I didn’t want to derail the most recent threads]:
    Hey fellow Perth Hoydens, wasn’t that a bracing little rain shower we had just now? Rather refreshing, what! Hope everyone’s all right and no one was stuck out in THE FUCKING APOCOLYPSE OH MY FUCKING GOD I WAS LOOKING FOR THE ARK, BUT I COULD’NT EVEN SEE PAST MY FRONT DOOR… Ahem. Still a little shaky.

  3. BG, glad you made it through!

  4. @BG, the Bureau of Meteorology shows Perth got about 25mm of rain in about half an hour. Holy hell! That’s an amazing dump of rain.
    Back on track… tigtog, it’s her job. And evidently she does it very well.

  5. @BG. I made it through the hail, I made it through the rain, I made it through the hour long train ride from Perth to Freo (debris on the tracks) I made it through the lakes in the carpark, I made it home only to find monumental roof leaks have dumped swimming pools all over the floors, beds and hallways of my place. Grrrr destructo storm..

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