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Xmas open thread 2014

Feel free to talk services, observances, decorations, rushing, shopping, gifts, surprises, feasting and family traditions heart-warming and otherwise. If anyone making other seasonal observances wants to join the thread, please do.

All those people giving Lego the benefit of the doubt?

The news has come in that the “female scientists” Lego set, produced after a huge grassroots campaign and petition from parents who wanted more variety in female minifigs, will only exist as a limited edition set. Despite selling out almost immediately, it will not be released as a standard line.


It’s cold outside, so spend time inside looking at these things instead. Or at least it is cold here. Please share any bits and pieces you have come across recently that have surprised, delighted, intrigued or otherwise positively engaged you.

Cheesemaking: Haloumi

I received a cheesemaking kit for Xmas. Having made feta a couple of times, I decided to branch out and try haloumi. People were interested on twitter, so here it is: the process of making haloumi from scratch. Well, from… Read More ›