Sydney Hoyden Meetup: Sunday October 26 in Camperdown

There will be a wee gathering of Hoydens and friends on Sunday October 26 in Victoria Park, Camperdown for a picnic. Join us!

Photograph of Victoria Park pond on a sunny day

Victoria Park pond, by Sardaka CC BY


Location: Victoria Park, Camperdown.

Victoria Park is at the intersection of City Road and Broadway, next to the University of Sydney. We will meet near the barbecue area and the playground: look at for a small “Hoyden About Town” sign.

Date and time: Sunday 26th October, 1:00pm.

Who: There’s no level of existing involvement in Hoyden About Town required. Creators, commenters, lurkers, newcomers and familiar faces all welcome. Friends, partners and children all welcome.

Bring: picnic gear and food. There are electric barbecues if you want to cook something.

Wet weather

If the weather is looking bad, please check here at 10am and 12 noon on Sunday October 26 for alternative plans.

Getting there

Public transport:

  • Buses: the closest bus stops are on City Road near Cleveland Street and served by the 352, 370, 422, 423, 426, 428 and M30 buses. The Broadway stop on the other side of the park is served by the 412, 413, 436, 438, 439, 440, 461, 470, 480, 483 and M10.
  • Trains: the park is about a 15 minute walk from Redfern station. It’s 20 minutes from Central, and you can also catch most of the above buses from Railway Square near Central, stands C and D.

Car parking: limited parking is available in the Victoria Park carpark, which you can turn into if heading north towards the city on City Road.

Wheel accessibility

The park is fairly flat, but the shaded barbecue/playground area is grassy and not well-served by paths. You will need to be able to travel on well-kept grass to reach us.


Children are welcome! Mine are coming.

We will be near the well-equipped playground. Safety-wise, note that the playground is unfenced and fairly near a very busy road. There is also a large unfenced pond at the other end of the park. Additionally the park is unfortunately not equipped with toilets. The nearest ones (I believe) are in the Carslaw Building in the University of Sydney, about a five minute walk from the barbecue area.


A quick should-be-obvious: respect people’s pseudonyms. Many people will use their meatspace name at the meetup (although if you want to introduce yourself by a pseudonym feel free). That doesn’t mean you can use their meatspace name if you blog/tweet about the meetup.


Again, should-be-obvious: if you come to the event please do not take photographs of participants without their express permission (or that of their parent/guardian in the case of young children). In particular, if you’re intending to publish it on the web or elsewhere let them know before taking the photograph.

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4 replies

  1. Thanks for the ultra-convenience coincidence factor – have a kiddie birthday party in Camperdown right beforehand. Will just need to hang out in between for a bit.

  2. Forecast for tomorrow looking good so far.

  3. Thanks to everyone for coming along on an unexpectedly hot spring day! Thank goodness for the breeze that picked up around 1:30.

  4. So sorry I didn’t make it after all. Family things ran over. Hope you had a great day out.

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