It’s cold outside, so spend time inside looking at these things instead. Or at least it is cold here.

This comic inserts Men’s Rights comments into Jane Austen scenes and it’s perfect.

11 dogs who learned the hard way not to eat bees.

I hope this makes it to Australia ‘Galavant’

I’m not sure what the put in the water in the UK, but following in the footsteps of Rebecca Ferguson, Duffy and Amy Winehouse (well hopefully not too closely in the case of the last one) is Paloma Faith. This is my new fav earworm.

Note: video may not be SFW.

Please share any bits and pieces you have come across recently that have surprised, delighted, intrigued or otherwise positively engaged you.

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  1. We’ve just had our coldest day all year in Melbourne – 10 degrees. It felt like it, too!
    My contributions:
    Maddie and the little people.

    Fribbie on my lap.

    Winter’s definitely the best time of year in this family.

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