Happy International Talk Like A Pirate Day

A text macro: text above the skull and crossbones flag says "to err is human". Text below the flag says "to arr is pirate".

To err is human, to arr is pirate

Just saw a photo on FaceStalk of my youngest niece all dressed up as a pirate, which I won’t share with you, but which is awesome. Looks like her school is actually celebrating the day? Or maybe that was just her choice for end of term mufti day? I guess I’ll find out when I see her next week.

Anybody else doing anything Awrrrrrsomely Piratical today, m’hearties?

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  1. Dylan has been talking like a pirate since first thing this morning, mostly so he can be the captain and order me around.
    ABC for Kids is doing all pirates all day today.
    Interested shipmates may wish to scan our back catalogue of pirate Hoydens, of whom there are several, with links in the posts. Here’s to wind in yer sails and rum in yer pot!

  2. Yes, I can’t tell if it’s ABC for Kids that started it, but the local kindy is also at it – it seems to be turning into quite the young-kid event, with lots of Dress Like A Pirate and treasure hunting (which is probably easier for the littlies than talking like a pirate consistently.)

  3. D’oh! I totally missed my chance to use the pirates’ favourite software (R, of course) today. I was using it yesterday. Does that count?

  4. I have one little boy who can talk like a pirate. Sadly, all the rest of my kids have no idea. “Why are you talking funny, eilish?” I have some who firmly maintain pirates did not speak like that all, and another one who wants to know WHY they did; and is not having a bar of it until I can come up with a proper explanation.
    I have a very tough group this year.

  5. I wore a mock scarf with a skull and crossbones on the front, and, once I found a silver peg, clipped it to the front of my trouser. I was working with three hundred teenagers, after two days working with another nine hundred, so not much piratical talking except when requested.

  6. It was also Suffrage Day in New Zealand, with our general election the next day. Advance voting meant that early voting booths were open, so to commemorate Suffrage Day, I voted!

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