Random Googling observation

whoa, there really are a lot of pics of Gerard Butler in his Spartan togs out on the web.

What? You try googling images for “alien butler” and see if you can avoid pics of men in leather speedos.

What now? Why do I need an alien butler, you ask? Ah. *taps nose*

I Have A Very Good Reason. OK? But I don’t want this alien butler:

Comedy this weekend?

I’m going out to see shows on Saturday night and Sunday arvo. The Sunday arvo shows were the ones I recommended earlier, but if anyone’s up for a Saturday night show you’re more than welcome to join me.

Wot I did in Melbourne (by tigtog, age 45)

It was a work trip, reviewing comedy shows, so I was out every night doing exactly that. This meant that I missed a by all accounts legendary blogmeet on the Friday night – if I’d been organised enough to get a phone number or two I could have at least joined in the portion of it that rocked on after midnight, but who knew it was going to be that huge? Nabs will have to get me nissed as a pewt another time – maybe next year.