YouTube OTD: More from That Mitchell & Webb Look

Looks like a great new series is taking shape:

via Sociological Images

Categories: arts & entertainment, gender & feminism


3 replies

  1. LOVE! (Can we send this to The Gruen Transfer?)

  2. Ha! I was going to link that other great Mitchell and Web skit I saw the other day on some blog, but then I realised that that other blog was this blog… this is great.

  3. Incidentally, I love the details in both of these Mitchell and Web skits – the titles given to those ‘women’s products’ in this ad, and the hospital-ward names on the walls in that homeopathic skit, make these eminently rewatchable. (Details go right down to the nailpolish colour in the ‘feminine hand’ in the last second of this skit.)

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