Wot I did in Melbourne (by tigtog, age 45)

Melbourne Town Hall (Comedy Festival Time)It was a work trip, reviewing comedy shows, so I was out every night doing exactly that. This meant that I missed a by all accounts legendary grogblogmeet on the Friday night – if I’d been organised enough to get a phone number or two I could have at least joined in the portion of it that rocked on after midnight, but who knew it was going to be that huge? Nabs will have to get me nissed as a pewt another time – maybe next year. A miscommunication regarding addresses meant that I also couldn’t get to Lucy Tartan’s wedding, which made me sad. (I wanted especially to see the bridesmaids’ outfits in their full glory, even if I would have had to coax them out from under the house).

I went out to lunch a few times, which was a pleasant relief from the grind of writing review after review (the challenge is describing the act fairly without spoiling the jokes – you’d be amazed how many newspaper reviewers give away punchlines that are meant to be a revelation following a build).

Bubble and Squeak are taming meAt least I had cute furry animals for light relief at friend Jen’s house.

On Sunday I met up with bloggers TimT and Another Outspoken Female for lunch, each of whom accompanied me to a show that evening – AOF (on the principle that two Devenator sightings in two days was not nearly enough) came along to see Catherine Deveny do her stand-up stuff in Mother of the Year (with Nelly Thomas and Christine Basil), while Tim met me later to catch a sketch comedy show by a talented mob calling themselves the Anarchist Guild Social Committee. That was a good night.

She wanted to come home with meMy final bloggerly Melbourne meet was for brunch on Tuesday with Helen from the Balcony before I caught my flight back to Sydney (having been careful not to pack my friend’s gorgeous kitty, despite her providing almost irresistible temptation).

ThirdCat, come to Melbourne for next year's comedy fest or we'll come and get youIt was great to see Helen again, and she gave me her copy of ThirdCat‘s novel to read, too! (I’ve just finished the novel I was already reading, so I start ThirdCat’s today) Here is our message of fierce disappointment that ThirdCat didn’t come to the Melbourne Comedy Festival (with reinforcement from a spooky Tim Minchin on his canvas bag).

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  1. Lookit those scary feminists! Just goes to show doesn’t it.

  2. I was expecting sharp teeth and billy clubs! Disappointed.

    It sounds like you had a fab time.

  3. @ Lauredhel:
    It was a good time. Exhausting, but good. Jen had a bad fall in Friday’s nuclear thunderstorm that meant she couldn’t come out to shows with me as originally planned, so that was a bummer. However, staying at home with her cats was noice.

  4. Lovely, looks like a great time was had. Love the bonus cavalcade of blogger animal companions.

  5. Those are the cleanest shiniest looking cats in history! Are they waiting for you to arrive home from a gig??

  6. @ fuckpoliteness:
    They are LOOKING at BIRDIES in the BUSHES. I took that shot while I was packing to leave.

  7. So did you stay up all night and finish the book? Are you wishing that Thirdcat would hurry up and finish the next one because you want to know what happens? (no pressure of course).

  8. No, silly me, I had mislaid the bag in which it was hiding, so I only just found it again this morning. Have to finish catching up on my reviews, then the book is my reward.

  9. then the book is my reward

    Bribery and corruption. Works for me too.
    Deborah’s last blog post..The wages of atheism

  10. Hey Tiggy,
    So glad my animals look so great on this site its a shame naughty (and absent) Paris the Ragdoll couldn’t join his siblings at the door. Hope you visit again as more fun will be had,…barring more falls of course! Am looking over the site, seems pretty fabulous!! Love AB. xx

  11. I never had a message of fierce disappointment before…made me feel kind of squidgey on the inside.
    I can’t believe how much you squeezed into your micf visit, tigtog.

  12. Hehe I like the title of this post. Oh, it is so nice to see you and Helen being gorgeous in Melbourne.

  13. Hmmm, TC you do not seem sufficiently intimidated. We have to be scarier next time. Tigtog I told you we should have been holding baseball bats. Melbourne Comedy festival 2010, for reals!!

  14. I am calm on the outside, a quivering mess inside.

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