Sydney Hoydenizens: who’s up for some group outings during the Comedy Festival?

The Sydney Comedy Festival starts soon and runs for 3 weeks (27th April – 17th May). I’m thinking that I’d like to have a weekly group outing to catch 2 shows in a night and have some food/drink/chat before/between/afterwards. My thoughts are to concentrate on some of the less famous acts rather than the big names, although if people were keen to include a group outing to a big name I wouldn’t say no.

Just depends whether there’s enough interest.

Some of the shows I’m thinking could be fun:

Week 1 Suggested Date: Tuesday 28th April (previews!)
7:30 The Pajama Men -virtually indescribable mixture of physical and character comedy – brilliant.
9:15 Al Pitcher – each show is unique, based on the photos taken by Al during that day and woven into the show each night.

Week 2 Suggested Date: Wednesday 6th May:
7:30pm Hannah Gadsby in Kiss Me Quick I’m Full of Jubes – Hannah is just delightful and about to take off like a rocket.
9:15pm Scratch – another off the wall comedy duo with an absurdist streak, this time it’s all improvised.

Week 3 Suggested date: Sat 16 May
6pm Jackie Loeb in Soapy Women – Jackie gets a chance to show off her mimicry skills and lovingly dissect soap operas. Expect lots of wigs and super-emoting. Only on Sat/Sun.
7:30pm Pulp – a mixture of scripted and improv scenes based on classic film noir scenarios, using film footage and soundtrack as well. Unique show each night. I saw this last year and enjoyed it so much that I’m keen to see it again.

We could probably catch a third show on the final Saturday if people were keen. I’m also going to be going to see other shows on media comps during the festival, and may occasionally have a spare +1. Am in the process of getting dates for those sorted out, so if you think you might be keen to tag along to something on a different night, email me.

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  1. I’m working on a paper up to the beginning of May, but I would be keen to come along to the 16th May outing in particular, if it goes ahead.

  2. I’d probably be able to make any of them, although not all of them.

  3. I’m definitely interested!
    Like Beppie – probably any (at least, at this stage), but not all. I particularly like the sound of Wed 6 May (I really enjoy improv, and I’d love to see an up-&-coming female comic). But they all sound like good picks.

  4. Yeah, I like the sound of the May 6th one too.

  5. Ok, so far it looks like Week 2 and Week 3 have the appeal factor. Obviously friends, family and partners are welcome to join in the fun.

  6. I’d be up for week 2 or 3 too. Pulp sounds intriguing.

  7. I should have posted this earlier on Sunday, but Monday is the time to let me know if you want to come along on Wednesday night to see Hannah Gadsby and Scratch!

    I do hope that a few of you can make it.

  8. I’m up for that, Tigtog!

  9. Dammit, for some reason, I thought it was Thursday, and have managed to get myself something else organised for Wednesday. So I can’t make it this week.
    Still up for Saturday week, though!

  10. Actually, thinking about it, I may not be able to make the second event on Wednesday, although I’ll definitely be at the first — I’ll have to check what time the last bus back to my place leaves.

  11. OK, I’m fine for tix for Beppie for Wednesday night. If anyone else wants to come, you need to contact me using the form on the blog early tomorrow morning so that I can book tix for you.

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