Sunday Barrowman Blogging: “I am Barrowman”

As some of you may know, last year, John Barrowman starred in La Cage au Folle [link] in London’s West End. Here he is singing “I Am What I Am”, which is the closing song of the musical’s first act:

[YouTube Video: John Barrowman sings “I Am What I Am” in front of an orchestra. Link to lyrics.]

Of course, we can’t leave it at that. Chris Thatcher does a marvellous Barrowman parody in “I am Barrowman”, which he performed for Gary Lakes’ “Jest End”. I think this is a great example of poking light-hearted fun at someone in a way that is not cruel or discriminatory. I can imagine John Barrowman himself watching this and laughing:

[YouTube Video: Chris Thatcher sings “I am Barrowman”, using dance moves typical of John Barrowman. In the background the audience laughs and applauds at intervals. Transcript below the fold.]

Transcript: “I am Barrowman”

I am Barrowman,
I am a clone of human perfection,
Most can’t help but look,
My smile, that’s the hook,
envy of the nation.
In my world there is lots
to have a lot of pride in.
In my world Captain Jack is back,
La Cage beside him.
Yes, I am what I am,
Don’t need to say,
“Hey world, I am Barrowman.”

[Spoken:] Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic!
You put me dancing!

I’m John Barrowman,
I get all the praise
’cause I am so pretty.
Crowds flock, yes they come,
[hard-working?] Housewives and boys,
across the city.
The play-house for a month or two
injects some cash-flow.
Play-house was my home, my heart,
but now it’s panto!
Please, if you can,
stand up and shout,
so proud I am Barrowman!

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5 replies

  1. From the transcript:

    [hard-working?] boys

    I think that’s meant to be “housewives and boys”.
    What a great clip.
    (in the resigned sigh department, I googled “Jest End” to get some info and the official site is totally Flashfucked and inaccessible – anyway, it was a limited season show parodying all sorts of major musicals and the stars thereof)

  2. *swoons*

  3. Ah, thanks Tigtog — I’ll edit the post to fix that. 🙂

  4. There’s a great version of him seeing I Am What I Am while dressed as “Zaza”:
    (Admin Magicked — Beppie)

  5. also in the transcript is says “You put me dancing!” it’s actually “you could be Nancy” referencing to his judging on both the BBC show I’d Do Anything.

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