Today in things I never knew ever happened: Freddie and Darth

Freddie Mercury with chest bared and skimpy black shorts and red sweatbands on his wrist, perched on the shoulders of a tall muscular man dressed all in black plus cape and Darth Vader mask, sings into the mic (complete with stand)

via Retronauts | Pictures by Tom Callins (click on pic for more)

It happened in 1980: Freddie Mercury in concert with Queen, singing his heart out while perched on the shoulders of Darth Vader.


I wonder – did he get permission from LucasFilm to use Vader in that show? #BadFreddie

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  1. That looks like a couple of different occasions. There’s at least two slightly different Darths in those pictures.
    But that is pretty awesome. I wonder what he was singing…

  2. Does this mean Vader was moonlighting? He’ll be in trouble when the Emperor finds out!

  3. There are so many one liners in this. At least, I’m sure there must be, but my brain is fried from anti-histamines, flu-shots and five hours of travelling.

  4. In keeping with the general psuedo-psychoanalytic/post-Jungian structure of Star Wars, I once remember hearing a theory that Darth Vader’s uniform was constructed to make him subliminally evoke images of the penis. Hence Luke Skywalker facing up to him evokes some of those whacky Freudian theories of penis envy, etc.
    I guess it also explains why some people thought Darth was such a cock.

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