Friday SteamPunk Fun: Steam Powered Giraffe

This band is currently Sprog the Younger’s favourite.

Steam Powered Giraffe is a San Diego based band of three movement artists portraying malfunctioning antique musical robots. With backgrounds in improv, street busking, musical theatre, mime, and illustration, the performers have created a unique act that has entertained thousands.

I totally get the appeal.

Lyrics to various songs on the video playlist above can be found at the band’s website:

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  1. Do you think that perhaps one of the Sprogs could assist with: “dubstep” What even is it? Closely followed by “it hurts my ears” and “get off my lawn”.
    I used to wonder, when my children were babies, what sort of music they could listen to that I would hate. Now I know.

  2. That? Was bloody brilliant!
    I’m besotted with steampunk and that clip’s an awesome example of it.
    It’s been around for ages, but I only discovered steampunk last year and have been completely sucked in by the wit and creativity of its exponents.
    I dream of one day opening a Steampunkery – a giant steampunk department store – but I think that might be a little way off. For now, I have to content myself with the one section in my store.

  3. Great! But I hear there’s a move to replace the Blue One.

  4. Ooh, how do I get them into Steampunk without them knowing I’m desperately trying to keep them away from dubstep, just for the sake of my ears?

  5. Tigtog, you are being very prolific for someone in an official slump.
    This seems a good time to make the awesome announcement that a friend of mine is putting together a steampunk version of The Tempest. It will be at Sidetrack theatre from the end of August. Check it out.

    • orlando, I’m finding that giving myself permission to not post every day, and to post fluff as the urge takes me, has been quite freeing.

  6. @ Mindy- you could try introducing them to the dubstep remixes of La Roux, the UK’s version of Ladyhawke. It’s a bit more palatable than hardcore dubstep, because La Roux is awesome. Not sure how that will lead you to Steampunk though… it might get you to Le Tigre and that’s surely a win?

  7. I’m so happy something is working for you, tigtog!
    (oh, do you prefer tigtog or Tigtog or TigTog or something I haven’t thought of? I’m Aqua myself, “of the Questioners” is like my ‘nym surname.)

    • I prefer the lower case ‘tigtog’, Aqua – I just prefer the visual aesthetics of it. I’m glad that I guessed right previously on the Aqua, btw.

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