Talent is not enough

I love singing talent shows. I’m not entirely sure why, perhaps because I sound like someone strangling a cat when I try to sing. But I do it anyway. So I really enjoyed The Voice and I think it is the best format I have seen for a reality TV singing show. I still think that Mahalia Barnes should have gotten through and Mahalia vs Karise would have been quite a contest. But I think they will both do well regardless, as will Mr Lovely Darren Percival who came second.

But then I read this article this morning. What really shits me is that it is all true.  Apart from the complete lack of understanding of the irony of Peter Morrisey now designing and selling clothes of the type and price that his own family would have had no hope of ever purchasing when he was a child, how close the author came to disecting the issue of the male gaze and patriarchal beauty standards but then just glazed over it was really frustrating. Just a sort of shrugging of the shoulders and ‘oh well, that’s just how it is’.

Karise Eden has an astounding talent. (Karise is in the denim jacket) Even thinking about her singing gives me shivers down my spine, she is that good. If you haven’t heard her yet, follow the link then google her name and listen to her some more. But she is going to have it tough. Her image changed throughout the show as she became more groomed, more made up, more styled. In some ways her path will have been smoothed a little by women like Beth Ditto and Adele whose talents have smashed down doors often closed, or maybe just harder to open, for larger women or any woman who doesn’t meet the ‘accepted’ standards. Sure not everyone is to everyone else’s taste but add fat, or a disability, or a different way of speaking to that and see where it gets you. Usually not fame and fortune.


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  1. Link to Karise Eden’s talent is upgeborked.
    Try http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pfiZA0UCkw, which is Ms. Eden singing Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” There are also videos on the sidebar.

  2. Whoops, thanks D. Will fix.

  3. For some reason, when I read about the stylists for The Voice, I couldn’t help thinking about the stylists in Hunger Games.

  4. Wow AMM, that is quite a leap of logic but then again maybe not so much. What a fascinating parallel.

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