Peeve Week: “militant feminist”

Peeve Week continues here in my little corner of Hoyden About Town. Today, three things I am sick of reading: “Militant feminist.” “Feminazi.” “Feminist jihad.” Given the strong links between feminism and peace/anti-violence movements, can we please just expunge these… Read More ›

Healthist cheerleading

Disease ‘n’ disability romanticists need to read this, at Twisty’s place. Twisty has a pile of sometimes scary and always downright nasty post-cancer-treatment symptoms. I’m even hopping madder that I find myself capitulating. “So how’re you doing?” people ask me,… Read More ›

Right. It’s inflicting time!

Since Wednesday night I have had an earworm of the most incredibly cheesy version of “Afternoon Delight” imaginable. Simply by reading that, some of you will now have the same, especially if you too watched The Chaser on Wednesday. Ha!… Read More ›