I haven’t posted here about the Virginia Tech massacre, because I had nothing adequate to say. I got in an argument about guns over at LP, and that was one reason I didn’t write on it here either. Sadly No!… Read More ›

Cyberbullying watch: Duke edition

Most of you probably know about the Kathy Sierra death-threats episode that has left her fearing for her safety, her blog shut down and her life a mess. (Above link and rest-of-this-post trigger warning: disturbing content, misogynistic violent threats.) Some… Read More ›

Quip of the week: journalist division

crossposted from Larvatus Prodeo “[With that level of military protection] even Paris Hilton could ride a bicycle in a bikini through Anbar province.” That was NBC Iraq correspondent Tom Aspell’s summary of the PR stunt from Republican presidential candidate John… Read More ›

Seen at Shakesville

Which is the shiny new hangout for the folks from Shakespeare’s Sister, which will remain as their archive site. Shakers, update your blogrolls! Update: The new site has been made unusable through DOS attacks, so the Shakers are back at… Read More ›

Stopping cyberbullying

Kathy Sierra, writing about how she has cancelled an upcoming conference speech and other engagements due to overwhelming fear following hate-speech and threats directed at her online. The threats were at a sufficiently high level that Sierra has reported them to the police and apparently the FBI is investigating them, because making death threats online, just as in “real life”, is a crime.