Peeve Week: “militant feminist”

Peeve Week continues here in my little corner of Hoyden About Town.

Today, three things I am sick of reading:

“Militant feminist.”


“Feminist jihad.”

Given the strong links between feminism and peace/anti-violence movements, can we please just expunge these from the lexicon now?

A feminist pointing out that a choice of words has sexist effects is not the same as her putting a series of bullets in your head.

A feminist calling you on your privilege is not the same as her loading you on a truck for the gas chamber.

A group of feminists considering the influence of wider social structures on individual sexual relationships is not a group of people surrounding a child and stoning them to death.

A few blog posts critiquing objectifying imagery are not equivalent to armoured platoons storming into buildings and stripping people’s skin and flesh with flamethrowers.

Get a grip, people. Militancy is organised, violent murder. Get back to me when there’s an epidemic of feminists bombing male-dominated institutions and gunning down peaceful patriarchs in gangs, ok?

ETA: Oh, you can add “feminist firing squad” to that list.
Feel free to peevulate further in the comments section.

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  1. Beautifully put! Thanks for this.
    I hate how language like that is used against feminists to dismiss our views as extreme or to put us in our place by accusing us of violence.
    Maybe those who sling those names at feminists should expend this energy on groups like the Christian Right who actually DO use military language to define their movement(“Army of God”, “Soldiers of Christ”, etc.).

  2. There’s a blog somewhere about “feminist terrorism” (I don’t really want to link to it).

  3. Brilliant.

  4. But the problem is no matter how often we point this out, they still effing say it.

  5. Well, I went and Googled “feminist terrorism” because I wanted to get some clue just what sort of wild charges these guys are making. Anti-testosterone drugs slipped in the water? Abduction and castration of men and boys? Plots to bomb Boy Scout jamborees? WTF does someone who claims such a thing exists mean anyway?
    Apparently, that women sometimes have sharp tongues and have been known on occasion to object to being beaten and the like.
    Seems like a far cry from the fevered paranoia of, say, Dave Sim, who was able to concoct fictional antediluvian “Cirinsts” who advocated and fought for, say, enslaving men to women.
    Of course to an MRA having to pay child support is tantamount to slavery, unless he gets the unquestioned right to treat both children and mother as he sees fit thrown into the deal.
    Well, if that’s slavery, I’d like to denounce my own slave masters at various multinational banking corporations for expecting me to pay them back…
    I’m not going to link, cite, or name the particular clown who wrote this, but it was from the seventh link down on my Google seach. I think anyone who wants to can find the source as easily as I did.
    “We must realize that feminists are terrorists too. You cannot see their guns or bombs. Feminists use the invisible weapons of sexism, fear, misinformation, hate, and allegory to achieve the same level of control of entire societies. This has been accomplished in most western societies. Feminists now wish to take control of the United Nations.”
    Oh, holy Zeus, _invisible weapons!_ I guess Wonder Woman’s transparent airplane was an early prototype of the Amazonian plot for world domination, now so far advanced that sometimes, if a woman dares accuse rapists of their crime that she just might, in the right venue and on a good day, get an indictment, and just maybe prove her case in a court after being systematically denounced and reviled for several years, in this Dianan bastion known as the USA.
    I mean, when you’ve added _allegory_ to your arsenal, I guess victory is pretty much assured. No wonder the yoke of feminist dictatorship lies so heavy on my neck!
    I think allegory used to be the Roman Catholic Church’s secret weapon, before spies stole it and they had to fall back on the Inquisition.

  6. Our chief invisible weapons are sexism, fear, misinformation, hate, allegory and a fanatical devotion to the Mame?

  7. The Erisians used to issue a certification to anyone that the bearer was a genuine “Pope or Mome.”
    All Hail Discordia!

  8. Kind of like “Eco-terrorist.” Sorry for changing the subject, but I’m not, really.
    Who is it who uses – if not coined – “Feminazi”? If Rush Limbaugh doesn’t qualify for “Nazi” – or, at the very least, “fascist” – the term has no meaning.
    It’s all projection, like Bush saying Gore would say anything to get elected.


  1. You’re stupid patriarchy wouldn’t exist if your use of language was more accurate…or something. at Up, up and away in my wicked doom balloon
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