Daily Fail cites H.A.T.- gets it wrong

Surprise, surprise, (as they say) surprise, eh?

Yes, the UK’s Daily Mail has noted that a lot of people around the world have responded to complaints made against a poster promoting breastfeeding in a Manchester area hospital, and noted that this blog was one of the first international sites to write about these complaints – see Lauredhel’s article [link].

Australian feminist blog Hoyden About Town was one of the first to pick up on the issue.

One concerned contributor wrote: ‘It is the sort of picture that a paedophile would show a kid to say look it is OK to do that because it is what grown-ups/mothers do. What next.’

Wait, what was that last bit? Who said that now? Does it not look as if one of the contributors at this very blog made that idiotic claim? Indeed, does it not look as if people here at H.A.T. are the ones upset about this poster, when in fact we are a pro-breastfeeding and anti-moral-panics-based-on-the-hypersexualisation-of-breasts blog? WRONG, WRONG, WRONGITTY-WRONG.

Well, Mr/Ms Daily Mail Reporter, someone needs to report for remedial reading comprehension. That statement was made by a contributor on a UK site complaining about the poster, and Lauredhel quoted it for the purposes of critiquing such wrong-headed attitudes.


I have left a comment pointing out that they have misattributed that quote and thus misrepresented this blog’s opinion on the poster. It hasn’t been published as of writing this post.

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  1. You might want to send them a message via their ‘feedback’ option;
    I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t see the comment straight away, not that they would be guaranteed to see the ‘feedback’ sooner, but the more you hit them the more they might notice what is a particularly bad FAIL.

  2. Holy crap. That is positively ridiculous. Maybe they’ll issue a correction if you e-mail them?
    This whole furor over that adorable poster is so pathetic. I was done with it before it even started.
    Jill–Unnecesarean’s last blog post..Pregnant Cougar in Florida Escaped En Route to a Cesarean Section

  3. Outrageous misrepresentation. Business as usual.

  4. Still not there.

  5. Um. I know it’s the Daily Mail we’re talking about here, so the bar is set excruciatingly low. But . . . do they not understand blockquotes? WTF?

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