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There’s a lot of finger-pointing in the anti-vaccine movement about how any doctors or scientists who accept the scientific consensus that vaccines are the single most effective life-prolonging medical innovation in human history are just greedy, greedy Big Pharma shills wanting parents’ money for vaccinations.

When talking to people who have the sense to balk at not vaccinating their children at all despite their tabloid-media induced anxiety, some of the “experts” hanging on to the coat-tails of the anti-vaxxers make the claim that the real danger is multiple vaccinations in a single session, and that if the regime is changed to only give one vaccination per visit, then the child will be safer from any vaccine complications.

So which doctor makes more money out of vaccinations? The consensus doctor who might give 4 vaccines in a single visit, or the “maverick” doctor who spreads those same 4 vaccines out over 4 separate visits?

Do the maths, people.

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  1. And the most vocal of the anti-vax crowd are those who have something else to sell – either a homeopathic remedy, some supplement or diet regime that requires regular purchases or a course of intensive specialized treatments.
    Your basic GP is quite busy enough with sick people on a day to day basis and has absolutely NO need to drum up business via vaccinations – the Maverick doctors obviously are short on clients.
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  2. The other issue here is that many anti-vax/limited vax proponents are also concerned about the toxins in the vaccines. Giving the vaccinations in single doses puts far more carrier chemicals into a person than combining them no matter how you look at it!

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