Quick Hit – Women like group s*x too

Good for us. I’m a little concerned about some of his other findings though. Like this:

Women don’t feel judged or watched by society the way Australian men are feeling.

Perhaps not in the way that men are feeling, but it is misleading to suggest that women don’t feel judged or watched at all. [edited]

Women’s sexuality is encouraged by the media and the men folk.

Within pretty narrow heteronormative boundaries I would argue.

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  1. according to the sizeable RedHotPie.com.au survey
    Um …………

  2. Absolute shite. As a woman who digs the group sex (and who doesn’t see why this discussion is relevant to the Matthew Johns thing at all, but I digress) I can assure you that it’s a VERY stigmatised thing for a woman to admit to liking.
    What, these people have never heard of slut shaming?

  3. Good point Hexy, I will edit.

  4. “according to the sizeable RedHotPie.com.au survey
    Um …………”
    Pretty much. What a reliable and excellent source for information that must be!
    berryblade.wordpress.com/’s last blog post..Ten things that are keeping me happy

  5. Women don’t feel judged or watched by society the way Australian men are feeling.
    My guess is that women are used to feeling judged and watched — we are less likely to comment on it because it’s background noise. But when something happens to throw the spotlight onto het male sexuality for a few minutes, men suddenly feel all tetchy — without realising that this is how women feel ALL THE FUCKING TIME — it’s just normal for us.

  6. ”This kind of thing has been going on since Adam and Eve,” he said.
    How could group sex have begun with Adam and Eve?
    More soberly…
    The survey was carried out following revelations of a group sex culture in rugby league which cost former NRL star Matthew Johns his television and coaching jobs.
    I was under the impression that it cost him his job on account of being (or being suspected of being) a gang-rape culture, not a group-sex one.

  7. “Participants are NOT AT IT ALL THE TIME, with 40 per cent saying they have tried it only once, and little over one in 10 doing it weekly or monthly.”
    Uhhh thanks for the reassurance……
    “80 per cent reporting nothing but fun, with everyone’s rights being respected…Reasons cited by the comparatively small number of regretful participants include…..BEING PRESSURED INTO IT.”
    EPIC FAIL; rape is NOT the same as group sex
    “RedHotPie.com.au relationship expert Geoff Barker said…..Australian women were more sexually liberated than men.”
    Nuff said.

  8. Well put, Beppie.
    Johns isn’t being criticised for taking part in group sex, he’s being criticised for taking part in actions that abused and harmed a woman. It looks as if we are going to have to keep repeating that until the rest of the world out there gets it.

  9. I’m happy to hear that there is some evidence of a reasonable degree of gender equality among Australians who have tried group sex (though a survey via a site that goes out of its way to cater to swingers is hardly unbiased, it is at least encouraging). But even comparing a consensual threesome or foursome or swingers party etc to the rugby league stories of group abuse without making the difference aggressively obvious is already off to a very bad start, this has nothing to do with Johns.
    If they really are trying to remove the stigma, they are doing a bad job.
    And I am with hexy – I think it is still a hard thing for a woman to admit to enjoying without stigma, harder than a man. I think it is easier than it used to be to admit to enjoying, but slut shaming is still pretty rampant, even if allegedly quite sexually liberated sub-cultures etc.

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