Whimsy: Musical Pets edition

Sometimes we all need to see teh awesome. Please share anything that has recently surprised, delighted, intrigued or otherwise positively engaged you! Meet Tucker the piano-playing singing Schnoodle.

Weekly Whimsy: Hedgehog Bath Time

Max’s bath time. Including hedgehog freakout, calm down, scrubbing, sniffing, sneezing, tattoos, and split tongue. Please share any bits and pieces you have come across recently that have surprised, delighted, intrigued or otherwise positively engaged you.

Yep, very helpful

While I have been taking the pics, cropping them in Photoshop and composing this post, that paw has varied in position from pointing to 2 o’clock to pointing to 5 o’clock.

My weekend was quiet

Indulged myself with some books bought with the Xmas gift voucher I finally dug up to use: Disrespected the cat: Ate and slept a fair bit too.

Chris Clarke wants marsupial tales

So he’s tagged me with this Animeme, via Bora. I’m not that much into memes generally, but this one appeals to me. I’m afraid it takes me a little while to get to the marsupials, but I promise they’re here.