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  1. Sweet! I picked up Melina Marchetti’s The Piper’s Son based on Karen Healey’s recommendation. I always like reading novels set in Sydney, I used to do it when I still lived in a regional town, so fictional Sydney preceded real Sydney to a certain extent.

  2. Ooo, The Poisonwood Bible is one of my favorite books ever. I enjoyed The Lovely Bones up to a point, but then it felt like it just jumped the shark out of the blue. Will you do a book report on The Road when you finish it? I’ve been eyeballing it speculatively but it’s one where I’m enough on the fence I’d like someone else to read it first, heh.

  3. I am loving the Millennium series to death. I’m currently on The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest, and wishing he’d lived to write more. Pulp crime fiction which is all about feminism and womens’ rights! Written by a man! What a brave, new world!

  4. Oh, there is little that’s more delicious than sitting down with a big pile of new books! (Speaking of which, I must get to the library tomorrow.)
    It’s a long weekend over here, which I’ve mostly been spending with my family. Very enjoyable, and very little online time.

  5. tigtog, your kitteh speaks (in my mind) with Bill from TrueBloods voice! (Sookehhhh) and is also very beautiful.

  6. Barbara Kingsolver’s book is excellent. I read it a few years ago and probably should add it to my “worth reading at least twice” list 🙂

    • Well, I’m about to catch a train then a ferry over to Manly to be one of the judges in a comedy contest, so I’m taking one of my new books along for the ride. Will possibly be shallow and choose the slimmest so that it fits in my bag!

  7. Folklore of Discworld is deliciously geeky.

  8. Ah, folklore has been an interest of mine for a while, and Pratchett does a nice job of explaining the analogies between the mythical beings of the Disc and the various myths and legends of our own round blue ball. I learnt a few satisfyingly disgusting things about the origins of vampire legends for a start.

  9. tigtog, your kitteh speaks (in my mind) with Bill from TrueBloods voice! (Sookehhhh) and is also very beautiful.

    HAHAHAHA, OMG, from this say forth I am ALWAYS going to read LOLcats in Bill!voice now.

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