Saturday Stuff.

What I’m reading: Canada’s Chronicle Herald reports that Jenny Dionne paid a cover charge at her regular bar the Dome, had one drink, then nipped out for a smoke. She was refused re-entry under the “No Fat Chicks” rule.… Read More ›

Grieving again

The fabulous picture above was done by Olduvai George a few years ago, portraying Chris Clarke and his dog Zeke in the Pleistocene Death Valley. (hat-tip, Blogger on the Cast Iron Balcony) A few days ago I found out through… Read More ›

Back, jetlagged

Arrived 6:25 yesterday (Monday) am from Heathrow after spending a few days in the old haunts around Wales (one afternoon with our neighbours and I had the lilt back again). Slept midmorning 1:30pm, out for lunch at the beach with… Read More ›


That’s the only word for some of the recent spats in what were previously some of my favourite corners of cyberspace. First there were the feminister-than-thou wars about lipstick and marriage (see Pandagon and Feministe), then there were the pseudonymity… Read More ›

Blogiversary! that means food, flowers, feminism and of course, catblogging

Yes, it was a year ago today that the brave ship tigtogblog first set sail! Looking back on ye auld archives, I am struck by my neglect of food and garden stuff recently. V.slack and shame-making.

Food: Truffles (thanks to ABC radio and some chaps in Tasmania who are going to make an absolute bomb now they’re getting in a good harvest – they’ll be able to send fresh “black gold” to Europe out of season). They discussed how to use truffles in cooking, and it all sounded v. finicky – grating slivers on to this and that, and needing something creamy or oily as a base to bring out the truffle flavour and spread it around. Sounds fatmaking, thought I.

But then they mentioned truffle oil.