Sagacious Shakespeare & Hoydenalicious Margarita Mayhem

William Shakespeare

Assume a hoyden, if you have it not.

Which work of Shakespeare was the original quote from?

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Meme yoinked from Lauredhel’s LJ. I spent the weekend overlooking Copacabana Beach on the Central Coast with three of my favourite hoydens, old friends from my stand-up comedy years. (It would have been four favourite hoydens, but T’s mum got crook, so T quite rightly went to look after her.) This was the view.

Sunset at Copacabana

We had a lovely Margarita Mayhem time, although L was very much the worse for wear the next morning and plans to never drink tequila again. We had to watch Nighty Night for some time in the morning until she was well enough to travel back down to Sydney with me. The blackest of black humour goes well with hangovers.

This lovely hound kept us company.

Oh, go on

He is deeply attached to what is left of his ball.

Our evening

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