Blogiversary! that means food, flowers, feminism and of course, catblogging

Yes, it was a year ago today that the brave ship tigtogblog first set sail! Looking back on ye auld archives, I am struck by my neglect of food and garden stuff recently. V.slack and shame-making.

Food: Truffles (thanks to ABC radio and some chaps in Tasmania who are going to make an absolute bomb now they’re getting in a good harvest – they’ll be able to send fresh “black gold” to Europe out of season). They discussed how to use truffles in cooking, and it all sounded v. finicky – grating slivers on to this and that, and needing something creamy or oily as a base to bring out the truffle flavour and spread it around. Sounds fatmaking, thought I.

But then they mentioned truffle oil. Having seen this condimental delicacy on offer at my nearby premium greengrocer/deli, I was intrigued by the thought of it in salad dressing. I bought, I tried: dear readers, I blissed my gourd. The phenomenal aroma, the lingering aftertaste that enhances bite after bite of lovely food! It only takes the tiniest drizzle (with white wine vinegar and fresh ground sea salt and black pepper) to make the simplest salad a gourmet treat, so it’s even fats-watch friendly.

I see a future as a finicky truffle-grater awaits me. It’s that good.

Flowers: the best plants in the garden at the moment, standing proud despite the gales this week, are my arum lilies. Because of their shiny speckly sculptural leaves I forgave them for not flowering at all last year, but they’re making up for it now and are fabulous.

Feminism: I was going to do a piece on the shocking display on Australian fashion runways this week of actual life-size women wandering around in swimwear instead of the usual posse of xylophones-on-stilts. But Amanda beat me to it and said everything and more I wanted to say.

Finally, the moggy: this is my boy Kimba-of-the-elegant-tail, flaunting it at the fountain-grass saying “call that a plume? amateur!”. This cat walks through life to a perpetual Carly Simon soundtrack.

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  1. Happy blogiversary! Your blog is a great addition to the sphere.
    Caz, of TSSH, also has a great little piece on the Great Swimwear Fiasco of 06..

  2. Happy blogiversary from me too, & many happy returns. What a beautiful kitty!

  3. Many happies, Tigtog, and lovely to see you in the food/garden/cat area of Le Sphere.
    That is one seriously beautiful cat.

  4. Ta muchly, ladies. Kimba totally knows he’s gorgeous, and eats at nearly every house in the street as a result. We actually don’t see him that much, as our small-but-fierce grey girl Molly decided that Kimba and his brother Slinky are persona non grata. Slinky completes our monochrome cat collection by being black, and I miss him most – absolutely the sweetest natured thing. He does sneak into the yard for a cuddle sometimes when Molly’s not looking.
    Here is Kimba about to walk onto a yacht:

  5. Congrats…it takes some slogging to be a blogger!

  6. I raise, to you, on your blog anniversary, a glass of ginger beer. Well, before you ask, we see so far because we stand on the shoulders of giants, and we recover from the hangover of the last week’s binge because we stand on the wrong side of far too many just-a-small-one-for-me. Mmmmmm, gingery.
    Oh, did you say a black cat? I heartily approve, but watch your back. It’s plotting.

  7. I’m rather fond of ginger beer, DD. Especially as part of a Dark and Stormy.
    Thanks, e.

  8. Zoe, that hat is fabulous! I’ll have to send it on to my mates at, who will love it to bits.
    Only 6 more sleeps till Talk Like a Pirate Day!

  9. Thought you’d like that one 😉 Don’t you love the “this is the meatballiest wool I could find”?

  10. I love her actual word “meatballistic” even better.
    Cue voiceover in gravelly Clint Eastwood tones:
    You think you had worries back when your mum got cranky every now and then?
    That’s just nothing compared to the Flying Spaghetti Monster going meatballistic!

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