Three, four, five, look at him jive

The simplest ideas, eh? A chap, Juergen, got to wondering what his cat, Mr Lee, got up to all day. So he rigged up a collar-cam and sent him off. The result? Strangely enthralling shots of a day in the life of a cat.

In the forum, a viewer asked about the striking lack of people in the shots. Juergen responds: “I have never seen people on the CatCam photos. I guess one reason is the location. We are living in the USA. Here it is not usual to walk around. If people move then by car… “. I don’t know how accurate that is. The last time I stayed in the States for any length of time was in 1990-1991, in Durham NC, and I do remember very few people walking around though. At the time I thought perhaps it was a little chilly for some.

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  1. If he lives in suburbia and not in a city proper (which is what it looks like), especially if he lives on the west coast, it’s not surprising that no one would be walking around. Perhaps there are a few, but generally people take their cars to the city center to get out and about, if they live in suburbia.
    …just my two cents, having lived in the US all my life (and being very thankful when I moved into a city center so I didn’t have to drive all the time!).

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