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I’m working on a long post which isn’t coming together quite yet, so I keep distracting myself. Anyway, I found this picture, and frankly I’m astonished. I wonder how many of you can guess who this is? You can probably guess the character and stage production easily enough – or can you?


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  1. Heh. I know. But I’ll put it behind a link, so it’s not an immediately-obvious spoiler.

  2. Anthony Stewart Head as Frank in RHS. But I feel like I’m cheating, from my RHS-obssessive days.

  3. Dingdingding! We have a winner!

    So, who was your favourite Frank?

  4. Oh, Lauredhel – those two links got you caught up in the spaminator. Bummer.

  5. I think it’s hard to go past the original, though I was rather impressed by Tim Ferguson’s Frank when they last did it in Sydney back in, um, whatever year that was. I do recall whoever they had billed as Janet for that run annoyed me, but I was lucky enough to get her understudy when I saw it.

  6. Janet’s a difficult role. The actual character really is written as quite annoying, so the actor has to work hard to show the sympathetic side.

  7. Ah well, I was wrong, but I’ll tell you anyway that I thought he had the look of our Mel Gibson about him – a sort of Rocky Horror/BeyondThunderdome/Braveheart crossbreed. It’s probably a good thing that I was wrong.

  8. The thought of the Rocky Horror cast lifting their togs in unison towards Auntie Entity and shouting For Freedom! is weirdly compelling.

  9. Moving along from RHS, Winter at Mind the Gap! has a nice not-quite-rant up about a Sky survey on favourite films with a genderised skew.

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