Friday Furry: Malaysian kitten and monkey pals

You may have seen these photos, or at least some of them, before, but they’re so gorgeous I’m sure you won’t mind seeing them again. I’m only posting thumbnails because the images are copyrighted to Kaz Campbell, so click on the thumbnail to go see larger versions at her Flickr photostream.

Good kitty!kewl buddiezmy kitty.....'lil bit of TLC !!!

These young animals played together for over an hour while Kaz watched and clicked in Kuala Selangor.

Barista has a picture of a rather less cuddly simian having a bad day in Japan. (Do follow the link to Der Spiegel’s commentary)

For some heavier Friday reading, Amanda thinks more people should argue against restrictions of activities they personally favour (especially shootin’ and rootin’) on the simple grounds that pleasure is a defendable good.

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