Friday Fluffy linkfest

Ripped from my feedreader this week:

Mentis Fugit gives us the story of two US military veterans deciding to bestow their Purple Hearts on two separate individuals they felt worthy of the decoration.

Men and Women like different films (except for Star Wars) according to Sky via Winter at Mind the Gap!

The Onion has a special women’s issue via Ann at Feministing

Women’s health? Or Women’s Suppression? from Pharyngula

If you’re a regular reader of the blogs, you read about the honour kiling of a young woman in Iraq last week. Did you read anywhere else that she wasn’t murdered by Muslims? (Samhita at Feministing)

Helen from Blogger on the Cast Iron Balcony takes on the hyperbolic allegories being drawn from some spoilt brats refusing to share Lego in a preschool

Marc tells how a prominent display of boobage on a billboard was insufficient to allay patriarchal wrath.

The Politics vs The Science of Weight from Kathy at Shakesville
A look into the Bridal-Industrial Complex by zuzu at Feministe

Two posts from Kate Harding where she is astonished that THEY SAID IT OUT LOUD. [ -1- ] [ -2- ]

I had several moments of enrapturement and of endudgeonment this week. I’ll tell you about them tomorrow.

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  1. I forgot this one: Christianity’s Sins Against Science at Pharyngula – an uncompromising response from PZ Myers to a challenge from the disturbing Vox Day (otherwise it wouldn’t be so Christocentric).

  2. Thanks Tigtog, but I wouldn’t say I actually engaged with the Lego story. Simply pointed to it, lazily, from my chaise longue, with my mauve gloved finger, then went back to my G & T (as one does).
    Since I’m also too lazy to post a link post on CIB, could I also recommend this post by Chris Clarke at Pandagon.
    It’s a ball-tearer.

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