Friday feminist linkage

Various items I failed to blog in the last week or two are linked below. ETA: What have Hoydenizens read lately that should be shared more widely?

  • Turn that douchehound upside down (from Shapely Prose by Sweet Machine) – commentors testifying to cruel and sexist comments from men about women’s appearance, in response to a concern troll who claims that women are so much more critical of women than men are.
  • Forty years of wankitude (from Shapely Prose by Sweet Machine) – narrow beauty standards becoming ever narrower
  • Lipstick Feminism and Dressing The Part (from Feministe by Renee) – how the arguments between utility feminists and lipstick feminists about feminine clothing and feminism tend to overlook the exploitation of poor women in sweatshops that lies under every clothing choice any of us make.
  • Support + confidence = interest in math (from Salon: Broadsheet by Kate Harding) – “it seems that the supposed lack of interest in math and science among girls might actually just be a lack of confidence — and more encouragement from parents and teachers along the way could help close the gap”
  • Don’t Let This Happen to Your Women! (from Shakesville by Guest Blogger InfamousQBert) – gender bias in reporting “the dangers of drinking”
  • Gay men & sexism (from ECHIDNE OF THE SNAKES by Suzie) – “Gay culture that elevates muscular, “masculine” men hurts men who are considered effeminate. But it also harms women by once again making the “masculine” superior.”
  • Bottle feeding baby = breast-feeding bovine? (from Salon: Broadsheet by Tracy Clark-Flory) – more weird ways that people’s heads spin around the subject of breastfeeding/bottlefeeding infants

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