When Emma Thompson follows through on this promise…

Emma Thompson in Angels in America

Emma Thompson in Angels in America

(to remove her name from the petition supporting Roman Polanski) then I’m adding her picture to the sidebar Hoydens collection. (Not necessarily this pic, but I did think she was one of the best things about Angels in America.)

UPDATE: Great news! She has done it!

via a comment on the last FSR from Orlando – Shakesville: Emma Update

So, please share links to your favourite Emma Thompson pics so that I can choose!

Here, take a few moments to enjoy again that final Edward/Elinor scene in Sense and Sensibility:

P.S. other suggestions of awesome pics for the sidebar collection – they can be of anybody hoydelicious, anonymous is fine – add them here, why not?

It’s not the best pic of any of them, but I do like this shot of 3 favourite British thesp-hoydens:

L-R Imelda Staunton, Emma Thompson, Maggie Smith, David Bradley in Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix

L-R Imelda Staunton, Emma Thompson, Maggie Smith, David Bradley in Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix

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  1. The Vanity Fair cover of Emma in armour is one of my favourite photos of anyone anywhere and I can’t believe I can’t find a bigger image but here is one at : http://www.homepages.lu/colbett/html/middle_ages.html

  2. Ah…such good news! Ooh, I’d like to second the vote for the pic in Su’s link!

  3. Isn’t it glorious? She looks so..hopeful or something. Full of hope. She HAS to follow through on this.

  4. Time to add her to the Hoydens collection: Emma Update.
    She’s done it!!! I’m so pleased. Of all the people who signed that petition, she was the one who made me feel saddest.

  5. Yay! I have been hunting around for a pic of her in The Tall Guy to put forward, but I can’t find one, just lots of American reviews that don’t get it. I still love that movie. That’s how far back she and I go.

  6. OK, I have added a pic to the sidebar image rotator – on the left is Emma in armour, on the right is a pic of her with husband Greg Wise at the graduation of their (informally (as in “come and live with us instead of living on the streets”) adopted as a teen) son Tindy in July, whom they have fought for in court several times to stop him being deported back to Rwanda. She is just about to launch some diversity training at the university he went to in Exeter.
    ETA – should have put the pic here! Here it is:

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