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6 responses to “Femmostroppo Reader – February 2, 2010”

  1. The Amazing Kim

    That article on dinosaur feathers is absolutely fascinating – thank you! If anyone else is interested, this month’s edition of the science magazine Cosmos has a special on weird dinosaurs, which is also really interesting.

    (For the record, I always thought all dinosaurs were bright pink.)

  2. bluemilk

    Thanks for the linky love.

  3. tigtog

    With regards to Deborah’s article above, the SA govt has backed down on requiring writers/commentors on blogs to supply their full name and suburb on political comments after an online outcry plus the humiliation when a person whom they claimed did not exist turned out to be alive and kicking just down the road from the AG’s electorate office. Even better, I think the AG claimed that this person was a Liberal plant/stooge without being under parliamentary privilege.

  4. fuckpoliteness

    tigtog @ 3 – ahahaha! That story has *made my day*! :)

    Thanks for the link to my post by the way.

  5. Deborah

    It gets even better, FP. Atkinson insisted that a particular commenter on Adelaide Now (the Advertiser website) was a Liberal party plant, only to have that person pop up, living just 500m from his office, in his electorate.

    Michael Atkinson, meet Aaron Fornarino. He lives near your office and yes, he does exist

    Egg on face.

  6. Rebekka

    @The Amazing Kim – me too! Well, maybe not bright pink, but perhaps crazy neon with spots. It always bugged me that museum displays made them green or brown when they could have been ANY colour!

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