Are we all still here?

*Waving from an appropriate distance*

Hi everyone! How are you? How is everyone you know, and those you care about most?

Since Mary posted at the end of February about the effects on mothers of the string of closures we were seeing, things have obviously got a lot more extreme. Here in Australia we had just got through the worst bushfire season of all time, before we were driven indoors once again. This year has really turned into a game of choose-your-apocalypse.

As we are all participating in various degrees of physical distancing/isolation/lockdown/ quarantine, we are also experiencing tilts one way or the other on having not enough/too much work and lots more/vanishingly little spare time. We are all examining much more closely our time, our space and our companionship. We are all learning a lot very fast. Some of this is sourdough starters and egg carton seedlings, some is making do with less in any of myriad ways, and some of it is straight up a new kind of fear. We are seeing some whole fields of work vanish, and if they come back it is likely they will need to take an entirely new form.

We have no idea what the exit to the tunnel will look like, or when we will get there, and when we do it won’t be one step and out into the light. There will be no Armistice Day for this event. No signing of a treaty, after which which can pour into the streets and dance. No marking moment when we know our loved ones are safe and coming home. More likely we will figure out incremental additions to our acceptable level of risk, and be offered a growing sequence of commonplace blessings.

It makes me miss the high days of blogging, when we would write lengthy, thoughtful responses to prompts, and connect in that way with people who could be anywhere.

So what is happening to you?

Jess Harwood

Cartoon by Jess Harwood:

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  1. Oh, I’m definitely a Powerful Owl.

  2. waves
    Powerful Owl here too.
    Muddling along so far, but it might be a different story after a couple more weeks of bored teenagers stuck at home during school holidays.

  3. I’m considering civil disobedience. This social distancing malarchy is just going to delay the spike, and ruin lots of lives in the process. Has anyone read the essay The Coronation by Charles Eisenstein?

  4. All power to the Powerful Owls!
    Goodness, that Eisenstein is a read that is equal parts thought-provoking and exhausting.
    Does that make you Brenda the Civil Disobedience Penguin on the bird chart?
    I have Kiwi doctor relatives who are genuinely concerned that the effectiveness of the shutdown in N.Z. is going to result in moving rather than avoiding the spike. I don’t know what the answer to that is except diligently monitoring and supporting healthcare capacity.

  5. I’m an aspiring Bower Bird, but no projects actually started yet. I have purchased some raised garden bed kits, will get them put together this week!

    (and apologies for not commenting earlier, I couldn’t log in on my phone and have been avoiding my desktop when not actually WFH)

  6. Hooray for the return of the Hoydens! Love the cartoon. I’m powerful owling it, in a way luckily for me I had no flatmates when the lockdown hit. I can both work from home and afford to cover the mortgage without them so I’m all good. Struggling with the attraction of doing literally anything other than sanding and painting the walls in two bedrooms though. I have baby chickens to watch and that makes life better.

    Here in Australia we seem to be reluctantly complying with the lockdown, at least when there’s someone watching. Our leadership are still terribly confused about what it all means, and not sure what to do about it. Which bodes ill, since they’ve had the drought and the bushfires to get them inducted into Crisis Management.

    All my volunteer work is on hold until further notice (bushfire recovery, landcare etc). Plus I’ve been kicked of failbook again for refusing to provide a kit of everything they need to steal my identify, which makes some of the community organising a bit hard to access. XR is now entirely failbook based, for example.

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