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  • Hands Up Who Saw This Tweet Coming


    So in Rupert’s world, if you are famous and popular enough to make oodles of money for people like him, then you should be allowed to punch people and everybody else should just shrug and move on.

  • Media Circus: Fraser Condolence Motions Edition

    Photo of Australian Parliament House (APH) in Canberra

    I missed out on a memorial post for Malcolm Fraser over the weekend, so here is a Media Circus to focus on his achievements. Like many who were young in 1975, I despised him for many years after The Dismissal,… Read More ›

  • ObEquinox: Happy Turn Of The Seasons To You

    a photograph of Earth's moon showing a brightly sunlit crescent contrasted against the finally earthlit rest of the surface

    The March equinox happened a little over an hour ago here in Sydney, at 9:45am AEST. APOD, of course, has an informative image for us today, and a London headmaster showed us what not to do when a few voices complain about a school taking note of a once in a lifetime event.

  • Happy Epic Pi Day

    A pie with the symbol Pi carved into its crust.

    Only really works when one writes the date in that teeth-itch-making USian way, but today, 3.14.15 9:26:53 captures the first ten digits of pi – which happens once a century (according to David Brin on FB).

  • Migration open thread (from Hoyden in Exile)

    Cat and sun

    So I’m about to go and disable commenting on posts over at Hoyden About Town so that we can ‘port posts over to the new server without losing anything. In the meantime, please comment here instead!

  • We’re migrating the blog


    Over the next couple of days HaT’s datafiles will be shifted to a new server. In order to streamline the porting process, we may need to place the site into Maintenance Mode for short periods. So we’ve disabled comments from the front-end and asked our bloggers to not log into the back-end for the next couple of days.

  • Our Unconsciousness regarding Privilege and Bias


    This is stuff regular readers likely already know, but it’s nice to have links to stuff for others. Two recent op-eds from the NYT discuss how decision makers in a wide range of gatekeeper roles are more likely to make discretionary accommodations for some people than others while not noticing that this is what they’re doing:

  • The Soft Tyranny of Low Expectations: boys shamed for empathising with female protagonists

    A 15th century painting of a boy reading, artist Frans Hals

    A female author notes how schools keep deciding that boys won’t want to hear her speak about writing, while also deciding that whenever a male author visits the same school that girls will be just as interested in that author as the boys.

  • So, stuff will be happening here soon

    lithograph of circus trapeze artists

    In the meantime, all comments are closed.

  • Fun with statistics and ‘splaining


    When vos Savant politely responded to a reader’s inquiry on the Monty Hall Problem, a then-relatively-unknown probability puzzle, she never could’ve imagined what would unfold: though her answer was correct, she received over 10,000 letters, many from noted scholars and Ph.Ds, informing her that she was a hare-brained idiot.


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