Month: February 2007

So, my kids really are mutants

From Newsweek – Autism: New Findings in from Big Gene Study So what are the preliminary findings? What this shows is that there are rare chromosomal changes, what we call copy number variations, [associated with autism] rather than a single… Read More ›

Two tales of netball

Netball participation numbers are dropping, which is a problem for women’s fitness in Australia and New Zealand as traditionally netball has been the sport with the highest participation rates for women. A friendly lurker (thanks, R.) sent me a link… Read More ›

A cornucopia from Cassini

JPL has put up a photo-essay of some of the best shots of and around Saturn taken by the space-probe Cassini. The moon Dione passes in front of Saturn (image from Astronomy Picture Of The Day) H/T Club Troppo’s Nic… Read More ›

Horrible prisons of narrative

The Independent (sic) Women’s Forum[their FAQ] [counterview] in the US have been garnering much attention for their reactionary “Take Back the Date” campaign, a Valentine’s Day activist response to the horribly unromantic V-day campaigns in the States that aim to… Read More ›

What to do in an emergency

Alternate versions of the “universally understood” images in a recent US govt publication. If you are trapped with no hope of being found, amuse yourself in your final moments with shadow puppets. A quick family snapshot in front of the… Read More ›

Insufferable coffee snob gloat

I just got a brand new Rancilio Silva espresso machine, and you (probably) don’t have one. It is built like the proverbial brick shithouse. I need no longer dread any difficulties finding our cricket bat to combat an intruder: the… Read More ›