How not to do humour, according to the pros

Rogers transcribes (from memory) some professional comedy writers discussing the Fox Network’s attempt at a conservative version of Jon Stewart’s Daily Show (at Kung Fu Monkey, who has a couple of YouTube clips up from the show).

The 1/2 Hour Daily News Hour show is directed by the guy who does 24 (aka Torture is Always the Solution) and he obviously has hardly bothered to change his approach for a new genre:

John: It’s as if aliens tried to decipher humor from radiated cable television waves and then constructed a “comedy” show with a poor translation algorithm. It is un-joke. You could put it in a chamber with a knock-knock joke and use the resultant explosion to power a starship.

I can’t believe Ann Coulter is so proud of her “invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity” line that she uses it a a punchline here.

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